1. AccessAgriculture Training Video Many pineapples are wasted, because they cannot be kept fresh for more than a week. By drying pineapples farmers can reduce waste and earn more money throughout the year.
  2. AccessAgriculture Training Video Land in Tororo district in Uganda has been intensively used and the soil fertility is low and declining. This video shows a possible solution - using urine as a fertiliser. Arabic English French
  3. AccessAgriculture Training Video Farmers in Madagascar show how following four key principles can give you a good rice harvest despite the presence of striga. English French Kiswahili Malagasy Portuguese
  4. AccessAgriculture Training Video Coccidiosis and colibacillosis are the most dangerous diseases in rabbits because they are highly contagious. Veterinary products cannot cure rabbits that have been infected with these disease. Luckily, they can be prevented, as we will see in this video.
  5. AccessAgriculture Training Video Effective weed management can increase yields by more than 50%, but usually takes a lot of time. As a farmer it is therefore worthwhile investing in labour-saving weed management tools. In this video you can learn how to control weeds in lowland rice using the...
  6. AccessAgriculture Training Video Farmers selling pumpkins right after harvest get a low price because there are so many. They can sell them at a better price during the off-season by storing them. Bangla English French
  7. AccessAgriculture Training Video This video looks at various modern methods of integrated biological control in the fight against the pests of palm trees. It features the use of intercropping, light traps and environmentally-friendly organic pesticides. Arabic English French
  8. AccessAgriculture Training Video In this video we learn the important steps needed to produce good quality yoghurt, whether for home consumption or for sale. Ateso Chichewa English French Kalenjin Kikuyu Kiswahili Luo Samburu Sena Tumbuka Yao
  9. AccessAgriculture Training Video Bean leaves are rich in proteins and vitamins. To have them available during the dry season, you can dry and store them.
  10. AccessAgriculture Training Video It is very important to have a product that doesn’t change, that is of the same quality, the same taste, the same colour and that is well presented. Bambara Chichewa English Fon French Kikuyu Kiswahili Luo Sena Twi Yao Yoruba