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People call it in different ways: the new green revolution; renewed farm focus; global community's new commitment to agriculture. But the message is clear: while the agricultural landscape has been experiencing rapid changes, we must all adapt in order to attune ourselves to the call of the times.

Rural poverty, food shortages, food safety, climate change, emerging plant diseases, aging farmers--these are just some of the pressing issues hounding global agriculture. In the Asia Pacific region where land is getting scarce and where technological innovation and globalization trends have placed many small-scale farmers in a more vulnerable state, the call to concrete action has never been more pronounced.

The availability of timely and relevant agricultural information has been known to empower and improve the farmers' quality of life. We at the Food and fertilizer Technology Center (FFTC) for the Asian and Pacific (ASPAC) region are committed to serve the small-scale farmers by giving them information on improved agricultural technology.