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Mtangazaji: David Kennedy

Tukio: ECHO International Agriculture Conference 2018 (14-11-2018)

Grow a small poly-culture garden that addresses both nutritional and ecological shortcomings of our food systems. Focusing on some of the most nutritious of the more than 1000 species of plants with edible leaves can maximize the value of the garden to improve your family’s health. Supporting a wide diversity of plant and animal life above and below the soil offers many environmental and economic advantages.

David Kennedy

Dave Kennedy is the founder and director of Leaf for Life, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing micro-nutrient malnutrition through the optimum use of leaf crops. For over 30 years Leaf for life has been combining applied ecology, small-scale agriculture and innovative food processing. Dave is the author of four books on techniques for better integrating green leaves into our food systems.