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ECHO Asia Notes is a quarterly technical e-bulletin containing articles of interest to agriculture and community development workers in Asia.

Besides the English version, many articles have been or are currently being translated into:

48 Matoleo katika Chapisho hili (Inaonyesha masuala 48 - 39)

AN Issue #46 - 14-06-2021

African Swine Fever Virus: Overview and Prevention on the Small Farm

[Example] Small Farm Biosecurity Plan for the Prevention of African Swine Fever

I Suspect ASFV on my Farm: What Steps Should I Take?

ECHOcommunity Conversations: Find Practical Answers from a Global Network of Agriculturalists


AN Issue #45 - 01-03-2021

Featured in this AN

AN Issue #39 - 30-08-2019

Featured in this AN