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An inspiring work of oral history, Earth and Spirit explores and celebrates Puerto Rico's tradition of botanical medicine as it was practiced up to the 1980s. This lively and deeply personal glimpse of Caribbean healing presents the voices of dozens of people who knew, loved and worked with medicinal plants and island earth lore. Ten interviews feature traditional curanderos, a granny midwife, spiritual healers, natural beauticians and others. Remedies are presented in an extensive recipe section organized by health condition, ranging from Alcohol Addiction to Warts. The author's foreword and epilog place the work in cultural and ecological contexts, and all plants are cross referenced with their English, Puerto Rican and scientific names. Rich in practical wisdom, anecdotes and humor, Earth and Spirit inspires love and respect for the living world of plants and for the resourceful people of Puerto Rico who have helped keep this tradition alive. A timeless and beautiful experience, a thought-provoking, fun and useful reference. For your kitchen. For your bedroom! Salud!

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  • Mchapishaji: Verde Luz
  • ISBN-10: 0963344013
  • ISBN-13: 9780963344014
  • Dewey Decimal: 615.880
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