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  1. 26-03-2015 Does the Church have a responsibility on community development? In other words is community development a part of the great commission given to the church by Christ? Robert has a master degree on law from the University of Ouagadougou, He also have a master on project management and is preparing...
  2. Abstract,Information Technology for Development, 2017 This article explores an innovative approach to deliver information about new agricultural technology that combines a versatile and potentially lower cost method of developing animated videos with another low-cost method of sharing it on...
  3. Abstract, Scientific Reporst, 2017 Mutualistic biotic interactions as among flowering plants and their animal pollinators are a key component of biodiversity. Pollination, especially by insects, is a key element in ecosystem functioning, and hence constitutes an ecosystem service of global...
  4. Uploaded on Oct 12, 2010 Demonstration of terminal grafting method used to grow mango and other trees in one of Tree Aid's community tree nurseries in Burkina Faso, W. Africa. July 2008. In French with English subtitles. www.treeaid.org.uk
  5. 13-02-2023
  6. 13-02-2023
  7. 15-02-2023
  8. AVN deploys an innovatory model of development based on the principle that it is better to “ ...teach a man how to fish rather than give him fish”, applied to the entire structure of the housing market and the construction sector. If it is better to teach people how to build a house rather than...
  9. 13-02-2023 L'Agroécologie et lágriculture biologique au Burkina, enjeux et perspectives
  10. 15-02-2023 Theme: Biopesticides
  11. 14-02-2023
  12. 14-02-2023
  13. 14-02-2023 Theme: L'Agriculutre biologique
  14. 14-02-2023 Theme Produire et consommer bio
  15. 13-02-2023 Espace de discussion qui permet aux participants d'échanger, de poser des questions ou de poster des réponses sur des thématiques proposées

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