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TVNI has created a list of vetiver plant suppliers who have demonstrated the ability to nursery propagate vetiver plants and offer them for sale in their countries and regions. They all multiply Vetiver, C. zizanioides and are able to ship planting material on demand. TVNI does not set the prices for plants and the prices vary accordingly. It is very important to verify with the supplier species/cultivar of C. zizanioides and its original source (if possible). There are other species that are sold particularly C. nigritana (African native species) and C. nemoralis (SE Asia mainly Thailand) both of which produce seed. (NOTE: do not buy vetiver seed because (i) you should be planting sterile non -invasive vetiver and (ii) more than often the seed that is sold is NOT vetiver! The list of suppliers is updated by TVNI when new suppliers are identified. Plants that have been dug up in a nursery destined for shipment are normally sent bare rooted (no soil) and have been trimmed (both roots and leaves).  Bare rooted plants can easily survive shipping periods of up to a month if correctly packaged and handled.