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Na: Edward Hochberg
Limechapishwa: 01-01-1987


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Men's Work Shirts ISBN: 0-86619-289-1 [C]1987, Volunteers in Technical Assistance



This Industry Profile is one of a series briefly describing small or medium-sized industries. The Profiles provide basic information for starting manufacturing plants in developing nations. Specifically, they provide general plant descriptions, financial, and technical factors for their operation, and sources of information and expertise. The series is intended to be useful in determining whether the industries described warrant further inquiry either to rule out or to decide upon investment. The underlying assumption of these Profiles is that the individual making use of them already has some knowledge and experience in industrial development.

Dollar values are listed only for machinery and equipment costs, and are primarily based on equipment in the United States. The price does not include shipping costs or import-export taxes, which must be considered and will vary greatly from country to country. No other investment costs are included (such as land value, building rental, labor, etc.) as those prices also vary. These items are mentioned to provide the investor with a general checklist of considerations for setting up a business.


These profiles should not be substituted for feasibility studies. Before an investment is made in a plant, a feasibility study should be conducted. This may require skilled economic and engineering expertise. The following illustrates the range of questions to which answers must be obtained:

* What is the extent of the present demand for the product, and how is it now being satisfied?

* Will the estimated price and ¤ys steamirons (with generators) (6) (8)

Support equipment & parts furniture fixtures chairs & workbenches work tables storage shelves spare parts & tools work bask (50) (60) truck/van (1) (1) *TOTAL ESTIMATED COST of equipment & machinery only $ 84,000 $97,000

*Based on $US 1987 prices. The costs provided are estimates and are given only to provide a general idea for machinery costs; they are not intended to be used as absolute prices. Costs still need to be determined on a case by case basis.

Materials & Supplies Small Plant Medium Plant

Raw Materials

work-shirt chambray 400,000 yards 600,000 yards lining 8,000 yards 10,000 yards thread (12,000 yd. cones) 3,000 cones 4,000 cones buttons 15,000 gross 20,000 gross tags & labels 1,800 gross 2,400 gross

Supplies Factory & Office Supplies

Packaging shirt boards/paper 15,000 dozen 22,000 dozen pins 10,000 gross 15,000 gross boxes (6 shirts/box) 2,500 dozen 3,750 dozen shipping cartons (3 doz./carton 5,000 7,500

Labor Small Plant Medium Plant

Skilled cutters 2 3 operators 26 36 pressers 6 8 floor help 6 8


Unskilled 4

Indirect manager 1

office 1

supervisor 2

Distribution/Supply flow Small Plant Medium Plant

Amount in/out per day 60 dozen 75-85 dozen

Market Requirements Small Plant Medium Plant

Shirts only: 1 million 1.5 million If plant is diversified, to include other products: 500,000 750,000

*This section includes an approximate amount of materials used over a period of a year. This amount does not have to be stored on the premises.

PROCESS DIAGRAM <see plant layout and work flow>



Unless otherwise stated, these addresses are in the United States.

Technical Manuals & Textbooks

Fashion Institute of Technology 7 Ave. & 27 St. New York, New York 10001 Library and Bookstore with full listing of books on design and pattern-making, marketing, etc.


Women's Wear Daily, Daily News Record Fairchild Publications 7 E 12 Street New York, New York 10003

Bobbin Magazine Bobbin International, Inc. P.O. Box 1986 1110 Shop Road Columbia, South Carolina 29202

Apparel World 366 Park Avenue, South New York, New York 10016

Apparel Industries Magazine 180 Allen Street Atlanta, Georgia 30328

Trade Associations

American Apparel Manufacturing Association 2500 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, Virginia 22201 (703) 524-1864

National Knitwear & Sportswear Association 366 Park Ave., South New York, New York 10016

Equipment Suppliers, Engineering Companies

Hudson Sewing Machine Co. 109 Johnston St. Newburgh, New York 12550 (dealer in all types of equipment)

The Singer Company 135 Raritan Center Parkway Edison, New Jersey 08837 (sewing equipment, cutting room equipment)

Kurt Salmon Associates 350 Fifth Avenue New York, New York 10118 (manufacturing consultant, consulting services)


Buyers Guide: A Sourcing Guide for the Apparel Industry produced by: The Associate Member Congress American Apparel Manufacturers Association 2500 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, Virginia 22201

VITA Resources

VITA has on file a number of documents related to the textile industry. For example: Selected Information Resources on Textiles. Compiled by J.A. Feulner, National Referral Center, Library of Congress, May, 1980. 17 pp. XII-E-1, P. 1, 022470, 12.

VITA Venture Services

VITA Venture Services, a subsidiary of VITA, provides commercial services for industrial development. This fee-for-service includes technology and financial information, technical assistance, marketing, and joint ventures. For further information, contact VITA.