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Edible Portion: Fruit, Seeds, Vegetable

This is a small fruit tree or shrub in the tomato and tobacco family. It grows as a shrub with soft wood and it grows up to 4 m high. The stem is 5-10 cm across. It is brittle and shallow rooted. The leaves are large (25 cm x 12 cm) and soft. They are heart shaped at the base. The flowers are 1-2 cm across with a sweet smell. They are in loose clusters near the ends of branches. Flowers are normally self pollinating but need wind. The fruit is about 6-12 cm long, the shape of a hen's egg and red or orange in colour. They hang off the ends of the branches. The skin of the fruit is somewhat tough but the flesh around the seeds is soft and juicy. The flesh varies between yellow and dark purple. The flesh is edible. The seeds are black, thin and nearly flat. They are edible. There are several named cultivated varieties.