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Somali Agricultural Technical Group is a registered non-profit association of Somali professionals and friends of the country dedicated to assisting in the reconstruction of Somalia and its agricultural heritage

Unlike most organisations, SATG employs a mix of both practical and scientific expertise that trickles down to the grassroots. All work and studies undertaken by SATG have real world practical applications. These studies are conducted in key target areas working in co-operation with partners and local farmers. SATG partners with local Somali NGOs as well as international organizations and agencies. More details on our partner organizations can be found here.

SATG focusses on promoting sustainable agricultural development in order to reduce food and livelihood insecurity. An introduction to our work in agriculture can be found here. SATG works to identify improved crop varieties and improved crop production techniques, for example repatriating Filsan, a superior mungbean variety, and helping to design better grain storage systems.

In addition to our work in agriculture, SATG has expertise in environment and livestock issues. SATG also provides training, monitoring and evaluation, and advisory services in partnership with other Somalia-focused organizations.




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