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OISAT is an information management concept on non-chemical pest management in the tropics comprising two components:


is a web-based information tool offering trainers, extension workers and farmers a quick access to up-to-date information for their work and for organizing agricultural learning processes in order to minimize pest damage in a safe, effective, and ecologically sound way. Its structure is based on the cropping season of the major crops, indicating key pests for each growth stage and plant part. Further, detailed information is presented on preventive and curative pest management practices with the aim of providing basic and practical information for a holistic approach in pest management, which is both flexible and situation-specific. The descriptions contain illustrations, photographs, and clear advice, together with a glossary of technical terms. Farmers can access technical information for direct use in the field at the individual level and as joint farmer learning processes, in their effort to further develop their agricultural production systems.

OISAT PartnerNetwork

is a platform for information dissemination, information sharing/exchange, and the integration of the online information into training and extension services. Thus an effective and efficient information flow from web to field will be ensured. For an effective outreach, OISAT PartnerNetwork aims at collaborating with training and extension networks and carefully identified information platforms. Feedback from the field will be stimulated to further expand and adapt the content and service of OISAT Info to the needs of its users in the field, thus leading to a significant adoption of the information provided.