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The situation in the South has been presented in the following chapters, as the writer has seen it for a period of years. He claims that the advantage of being on the ground, as a close student of the existing situation, gives him at least some advantage in the presentation of his views, and a claim to be heard regarding a problem which has so long afflicted our people. From its numerous sides the problem has been often presented, but oftener than otherwise, from view-points of prejudice or partisanship. It betokens signs more favorable, however, that in the most recent works which have appeared on the subject, from the pens of representatives of both races, sentiments have assumed a milder and more assuring tone, while they have not been without the abatement of firmness and candor. It is also gratifying that the extravagance which has characterized so much of the literature adverse to the Negro in the past, is losing its popularity among the people of the South, thousands of whom happen to know that many of the statements which have been made are, to say the least, exaggerated.

Maelezo ya Uchapishaji

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