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Kitabu hiki huenda hakitapatikana katika uchapishaji.

The presentation provides technical information about wells and pumps; it can be of value to those with a high degree of technical knowledge but limited current experience, as well as to lay persons seeking a basic understanding of wells and pumps.  Although it is not intended to be a do-it-yourself guide, it can help those involved in current design concepts, construction practices, pumping equipment, and operation and maintenance.  it will also help owners define their requirements, communicate better with contractors, and operate their equipment at higher over all efficiency and lower cost.

51 pages, illustrated

Maelezo ya Uchapishaji

  • Limechapishwa: 1977
  • Mchapishaji: Division of Agricultural Sciences, University of California
  • Dewey Decimal: 628.114
  • Maktaba ya ECHO: 628.114 SCO