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FAO actions

  • FAO operates a centralized Desert Locust Information Service (DLIS) within the Locust Group at FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy that monitors the Desert Locust situation throughout the world.
  • FAO provides information on the general locust situation to the global community and gives timely warnings and forecasts to those countries in danger of invasion.
  • FAO prepares monthly bulletins and periodic updates summarizing the locust situation and forecasting migration and breeding on a country by country basis.
  • FAO maintains historical locust archives that date back to the 1930s.
  • FAO provides training, organizes technical workshops, and prepares publications on various aspects of locusts.
  • FAO adapts the latest technologies and develops innovative tools for improved early warning.
  • FAO undertakes field assessment missions and coordinates survey and control operations as well as assistance during locust plagues.