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Kitabu hiki huenda hakitapatikana katika uchapishaji.

[Reference Book]

Available full-text in USDA's national Agricultural Library

http://naldr.nal.usda.gov (search Martin, Agriculture Hanbook 1987)

The edible fruits of the Tropics are many in number, varied in form, and irregular in distribution.  They can be categorized as major or minor.  Only about 300 Tropical fruits can be considered great.  This publication also lists the minor fruits as completely as can be done with the present state of knowledge.


247 pages, illustrated, tables

Maelezo ya Uchapishaji

  • Limechapishwa: 1987
  • Mchapishaji: U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • ISBN-10: 0006
  • Dewey Decimal: 634.091
  • Maktaba ya ECHO: 634.091 MAR