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Mtangazaji: Caroline Nji

Tukio: ECHO East Africa Highlands Symposium 2014 (27-10-2014)

It is an approach by which a farmer takes decision to re-grow trees in his/her farm without planting.FMNR is based on the systematic regrowth of existing trees or self-sown seeds, and is possible wherever there are living tree stumps with the ability to re-sprout or seeds in the soil that can germinate.  FMNR encourages natural tree re-growth by selecting, pruning and protecting naturally regenerating trees, and uses living rootstock making sprouting of tree stumps easier, making it cheaper than tree planting. The approach has proved to have a great potential in restoring tree cover.  FMNR is a rapid, low cost, easily replicated approach to restoring and improving agricultural, forested and pasture lands through reforestation and agro forestry.