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Edible Portion: Shoots

A hollow tufted bamboo. It forms clumps. It is 2-6 m tall. It has slender stalks. The stalks are 1-2.5 cm across. They arch over at the tips. The internodes are 30-50 cm long. The culm sheath is 12-15 cm long by 6-8 cm wide. It is light green when young and turns reddish-brown or pale brown. The leaves are flat and reddish-green. They are sword shaped and clasp the stem.The blade is triangular shape and 9-12 cm long. It tapers to the tip. The base attaches to the sheath. The leaves are usually at the end of a branch. There are 6-13 together. The blades are 7-12 cm long by 1-1.5 cm wide. Mature plants produce flowering branches which arch over. The flowers are at the end of a leafy branch. The spik