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Edible portion: Fruit

A medium sized tree. The crown is rounded and the tree is evergreen. It grows 10-26 m high. The bark is black. The leaves are glossy and dark green. They are 10-15 cm long. The flowers are of one sex and are yellowish green. The female flowers occur singly and the male flowers in small clusters. The fruit are large and dark green to black. They are 6-12 cm across. The flesh is dark chocolate coloured, when ripe. It is edible with a sweet taste. The fruit may be seedless but often have 5 seeds.

A tropical plant. It grows in lowland and mountain forests up to 1,800 m above sea level. It suits hot tropical lowland areas. In Mexico trees grow from sea level to 1800 m altitude. They will grow in most soils. Fully grown trees can tolerate 1-2°C of frost. It can grow in arid places. It suits hardiness zones 11-12.

Other Names :

Biaahui, Biaqui, Bom-rza, Bonza, Caca-poule, Chocolate pudding fruit, Cuputishim Ebano, Ebano, Guayabote, Hunchuikle, Inu, Junchuikl, Malisuuruata, Ma-ta-mui, Mueque, Munec, Muneque, Pillahui, Pohon kesemek hitam, Sapote negro, Saual, Sawalh, Sirunda-urata, Ta-toho, Talang-gubat, Tauch, Tauch-ya, Tauche, Tilzapot, Tilzapoti, Totocuitlzapoti, Tsupilul, Tzapultiltic, Xency, Xinde, Zapote negro, Zapote prieto,

Synonyms :

The correct name is now Diospyros nigra (J. F. Gmel.) Perrier
Diospyros digyna Jacq.;
Diospyros edulis Lodd. ex Sweet;
Diospyros nigra (Blanco) Blanco;
Diospyros obtusifolia Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.;
Diospyros obtusifolius Humb. & Bonpl.;
Diospyros pauciflora C. B.Rob. [Illegitimate];
Diospyros revoluta Poir.;
Diospyros sapota Roxb. [Illegitimate];
Diospyros tilzapotl Sesse & Moc.;
Sapota nigra Blanco;
Sapota nigra J. F. Gmelin;