Arachis hypogaea is a globally important legume crop originating in South America. A low-growing, annual plant, depending on variety A. hypogaea can reach lengths of 70 cm. Leaves are opposite, pinnately compound, and leaflets are borne in opposing pairs (4 leaflets per leaf). A. hypogaea leaves are also nyctinastic, meaning they close at night. Flowers are 1-1.5 cm in width and range from yellow to orange in color, forming in clusters above the ground on plant stems. When fertilized, the flowers give way to “pegs” (fruit stalks) that elongate and penetrate the soil to form 3-7 cm long pods.

ICG 9257

This variety from ICRISAT In Mali has a spreading growth habit and produces pods with two peanuts. In trials at ECHO, this variety exhibited some resistance to foliar diseases and it is the variety that we grow every year on the farm in Southwest Florida, USA.