Yardlong beans are an annual, vining or bushy, subspecies of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) that produce elongated pods up to 1 m long. Green pods and seeds are eaten as a fresh vegetable and the plants are also used as fodder, green manure, or cover crop.

Green Arrow

‘Green Arrow’ produces abundant slender, light green pods, up to 50 cm long, on a climbing or trailing vine.

Green Pod Kaohsiung

‘Green Pod Kaohsiung’  is a heat and wet-tolerant variety, producing long, slender, round pods that are typically about 50 cm long.


'Guilin' is a variety from China with long, thin pods. This was a very productive variety in a trial at ECHO.

KY Bush

‘KY Bush’ is an early variety, resistant to insects and viruses. The plants are very vigorous, dwarf (approx. 50c m) and well-branched. The pods are slender, light green, 25-30cm. long, tender and stringless with red seeds.


‘Mix’ contains a mixture of several red, purple and green yard long bean varieties.

Purple Mart

'Purple Mart' is a long, purple, disease resistant variety.


‘Purple-Podded’ is a productive variety, maturing in 80-90 days. The attractive, purple color remains after cooking. The pods are shorter than the  green-podded varieties.

Red Noodle

'Red Noodle' is a long, red podded variety. The red beans and pods lose their color when cooked.

Chinese Red Noodle

Red pod 58 cm (23 in) long. Prolific producer.


A regional Asian variety with green purple-speckled pods. Preferred for its soft texture.


Similar to Tung Kwang Tong variety

Tung Kwang Tong

Green pod 40 cm (16 in) long. Soft in texture.

Yasothon Bush

Dark red color.

Case Bean

Meatha Bush

Sorn Dang

Mae ai