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  1. Natural Remedies for Agriculture Paperback, 237 pages
  2. 1975-01-01 This publication includes information on plants that can be used as remedies. 24 pages
  3. 1990-01-01 57 pages, illustrated, photos
  4. Includes 62 plants (and other remedies) from the countryside of South Carolina. Includes botanical & common names, habitat, range, current use in SC, properties and historical medical uses, toxicity, etc. With color photos. 2 Copies
  5. 2009-01-01 No page numbers, illustrated
  6. 2006-01-01 2,307 pages
  7. Treatment of common ailments and uses of some important plants in the tropics, a seminar handbook 48 pages, illustrated
  8. 2000-07-01
  9. 2019-05-07 Alternative medicine and natural healing have reached into every facet of our lives. Lack of confidence in commercial medicine and an interest in getting closer to nature have made formerly-considered "alternative" treatments mainstream. Packed with nearly 300 color photographs and over 120...
  10. 2016-03-06 REAP and anamed regularly conduct seminars in Kenya, in particular in Nairobi and western Kenya. As a result of these seminars, the distribution of artemisia starter kits and the work of our collaborating organisations, we are delighted to say that Natural Medicine is now being practised in many...