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  1. 1998-01-01 This report presents the findings of a DFID-funded research project to investigate the state of, and prospects for, organic agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. The objectives of the project were as follows: In a variety of cllimatic zones within sub-Saharan Africa, determine the type and degree of...
  2. 1976-01-01 154 pages, tables
  3. 1998-07-01 Trop/Soils/TAMU Technical Bulletin 98-03 50 pages, tables
  4. 1990-01-09 457 pages, illustrated IBSRAM Proceedings no. 10
  5. 2011-01-01 436 pages, illustrated, tables
  6. 1982-01-01 61 pages MSU International Development Papers
  7. 1991-01-01 84 pages, illustrated, photos Online Book
  8. 2007-01-01 This paper will examine the impact of macroeconomic forces, as well as the role of internal elements that precipitated the decline in cocoa quality and production. It will additionally offer recommendations on measures that could be adopted to help reverse this downward trend and help producers...
  9. 1974-01-01 257 pages, illustrated, photos
  10. 1988-11-01 With special reference to the ecology and control of prostephanus iruncatus. Bulletin no. 18. 42 pages