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The Legume pod borer, Maruca vitrata, causes significant damage to cowpeas in West Africa. Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) is considered the most important food grain legume in the dry savannas of tropical Africa, where it is grown on more than 12.8 million hectares of land. The pod borer is a serious Lepidopteran pest that inflicts severe damage to cowpea on farmers' fields. This video deals with the use of biological control agents to help minimize Maruca populations in the field. The focus of the video is to educate individuals and groups regarding concepts associated with biological control of pest populations.

Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) is a university based program. SAWBO transforms extension information on relevant topics such as agriculture, disease and women's empowerment, into 2D, 2.5D and 3D animations, which are then voice overlaid into a diversity of languages from around the world.

All SAWBO animations are made freely available to anyone wishing to use them for educational purposes. Animations can be downloaded from a diversity of SAWBO channels and used on computers, tablets, cell phones, TVs, and overhead projection systems.

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