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Newcastle disease vaccination in local chicken as a tool for poverty alleviation  0

Presented By: Dr Chioma Tony-Dike

Event: 2016 ECHO West Africa Forum: Ibadan, Nigeria (2016-04-13)

What is Newcastle disease?

  • Newcastle disease (ND) is a highly contagious, severe viral disease found worldwide that affects birds including domestic poultry.
  • ND is endemic in all parts of Nigeria and is more common during the harmattan season (October –March) with the virus remaining dormant most times of the year.
  • ND outbreaks commonly have mortality up to 100% (Alders, 2001).
  • ND is transmitted most often by direct contact with faeces and respiratory discharge of diseases or carrier birds
  • It can also be by contaminated food, water, equipment, and human clothing.

Scope of PM’s work on ND control in rural chickens

  • Partner with suppliers/distributors to make available suitable ND vaccines and other veterinary products
  • Support partners to develop/leverage on suitable grass root distribution channels to deliver affordable vaccines for ND along with other veterinary products
  • Work with the relevant stakeholders to facilitate awareness and demand for veterinary services amongst smallholders, instituting ‘for-profit’ veterinary service delivery as a norm in rural communities
  • Work with the regulatory agencies to create an enabling environment for the acquisition of relevant skills needed to deliver quality community-based animal health extension service