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The Technical manual for the construction and use of family-sized metal silos to store cereals and grain legumes was produced in the Division of Rural Infrastructure and Agro-industries (AGS) of FAO as a significant technical contribution to preventing losses in the post-harvest phase of grains and cereals. It is designed as a training manual for constructing, using and handling family-sized metal silos. It is aimed at farmers who produce basic grains and cereals for their own consumption for their food security and at tinsmiths, blacksmiths and other craftsmen who can construct them and adapt them easily to make silos of different capacities. The manual is divided into chapters and appendices. These include information on constructing metal silos of different capacities, their handling and correct maintenance as a structure for storing grain and cereals, where and how to locate them and protect them, and how to estimate their cost. Archives in Excel format can be downloaded from www.fao.org/ag/ags and www.fao.org/inpho to determine the cost anywhere in the world according to the local prices of the materials required to construct them and to carry out a brief, practical cost-benefit analysis.

Publication Details

  • Published: 2015
  • Publisher: FAO