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EA office with chayaOne approach in the pursuit for reducing hunger and poverty is increasing the availability of nutritious foods. Gardens and leafy vegetables offer a solution for those who have limited space, but what about areas prone to drought? Chaya, Moringa and other perennial greens are great sources of nutrition all through the year. Along the ECHO EA gardens, visitors can see and learn about the value of perennial vegetables. Among those highlighted by ECHO are twenty listed as the top 20 high protein greens found here [http://edn.link/jpgpyj]. 

Chaya, which forms a nice hedge around the office, is listed as number 4. This particular perennial green is promoted by ECHO as a great source of protein, calcium, and iron. Both Chaya and Cassava leaves, number 2, contain an acid that is fatal when consumed raw. Consider this article [http://edn.link/kh6tn7] on the proper preparation times for Cassava and Chaya. Learning what, and how, to use the resources God has given is a major key in battling global hunger.