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Presented By: Brett Harrison, Church of Christ, Tanzania

Event: ECHO East Africa 4th Biennial Symposium on Sustainable Agriculture Best Practices (2017-02-09)

Worldview is our set of assumptions about how the world functions, and serves to guide our decision-making processes. This session addresses challenges which arise when cultures mix and focuses on the integration of a Biblical worldview into our agriculture work as a solution. Our worldview and culture guide our decision-making processes and how our different cultures can better understand one another when working together. Adding a Biblical worldview to the mix of our agriculture work will help us to understand one another better, and to improve our work with rural farmers as well.

Presenter : Brett Harrison lives with his wife and three children, have worked in agriculture development in Geita, NW Tanzania for eight years on behalf of Christ Church. He holds a bachelor and masters degree in Bible and theology, and is currently pursuing a masters in agronomy and soils at Auburn University. His thesis research focuses on nitrogen-fixing legumes for use in improved fallows in Lake Zone and is done in partnership with IITA and N2Africa.