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"Before receiving training in ECHO, we had difficulty to buy fresh vegetables at certain times of the year; likewise, some vegetables and crops such as cowpea leaves, okra and sorrel are almost not found in the dry season. After training, I immediately decided to practice the art of tires gardens and this is how I planted sorrel, moringa, cowpea and okra I used a total of 10 tires. Today I am happy because these gardens have enabled me to achieve large cost savings and I do not buy all these condiments at the market, I have fresh vegetables at any time. With Moringa, we transform leaves in powder that we give to children and most of their illnesses disappeared; we are going less often to the clinic and we consume the leaves in the sauce. I also shared the benefits of training with a dozen of my friends and they continue to come in my home to collect moringa leaves that they administer to their children who also enjoy better health."

- Mrs. Siripé Korotimi: Siby, Burkina Faso