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August 09, 2023 15:22 - August 11, 2023 14:30
Arusha, Tanzania
Presented By: ECHO East Africa
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August 11, 2023 15:21

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Sophia Kasubi / Erwin Kinsey (skasubi@echocommunity.org / ekinsey@echocommunity.org)

Phone: +255764756334 /+255754480184

Greetings! You are invited to join us for the  1st ECHO East Africa Symposium on Appropriate Technology Innovations and Renewable Energy! With great anticipation we hope that the topics discussed this week and networking will significantly impact our future collaborations. A wide array of speakers with different objectives, approaches and skills have been called together, whose converging mission still has a surprising unity:

  • to reduce poverty, hunger and physical hardship by engaging smallholder farmers more effectively to adapt their farming systems with agroecological holistic approaches
  • to respond to climate change and declining yields in Africa with sustainable options which improve the environment, regenerate forests, soils and water catchments, recycle resources and mitigate the effect of weather extremes
  • to enhance resilience of the vulnerable and to care for the earth

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ECHO takes this opportunity to thank all participants for investing time and resources by attending, and especially to the 29+ facilitators who have come from all corners of the globe and local appropriate technology exhibitors to share their knowledge and experiences in Wednesday’s fair/exhibition. The symposium offers opportunity to raise our awareness of issues, propose best practices worthy of scaling up, and introduce us to new partners, agricultural and agroforestry development organizations, public and private sector actors. A possible, ambitious result of this Symposium will be formation of hubs or communities of practice to consider how better to encourage each other in our work to help smallholder farmers and pastoralists to develop resilient systems.



If you or your organization pays for at least 30 participants (US$6000) you will be designatedamong the organizers of the symposia and have your logo displayed on banners, stickers, and other documents, and if you/your organization pays for 1 – 29 participants you will be regarded as a partner who will be encouraged to display your technologies openly for all three days.

We conceive of including the following technologies:

  • Biogas for domestic and productive use
  • Water hygiene and sanitation, productive use
  • Food harvesting, processing and packaging
  • Post harvest processing and handling
  • Honey and beeswax harvesting and processing
  • Milk and milk by products processing
  • Solar energy for domestic and productive use
  • Wind energy
  • Conservation agriculture implements
  • Livestock management and processing
  • Seeds saving and sharing
  • Draught power and implements
  • Other livelihood related innovations