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Edible portion: Shoots

A bamboo. It is an erect plant and forms tillers. It grows 10-20 m tall. The young culms have dense hairs. These stems can be 3-15 cm across. The walls can be 1 cm thick. The internodes are 30-65 cm long. The angles of the leaf sheath is rounded on the upper section. The leaves are oval or sword shaped and are unequal at the base. They are dark green above and lighter underneath. They are 9-40 cm long by 2-6 cm wide. The flowering shoot does not have leaves. The groups of flowers are 1-9 cm apart. There are many flowering spikes in the group.

A tropical plant. In Java it grows from the lowlands to the high mountains. It is best in a fertile, clay soil and a moist climate. In the Cairns Botanical Gardens. It is cultivated as a food in Indonesia.