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Presented By: Njamasi Chiwanga

Event: ECHO East Africa Biennial Symposium 2023 Sustainable Agriculture Best Practices (2023-02-22)

Session: The presentation will highlight the successes, challenges, and best practices to mobilize community buy-in in the adoption of FMNR and rainwater harvesting.

* See Session Video Here

Biographical information: Njamasi Chiwanga works as the Director of Programs at LEAD Foundation - a local NGO based in Dodoma, Central Tanzania. Njamasi has been working with LEAD Foundation since it was established in 2011 and he played a big role in its establishment. Njamasi received the FMNR training back in 2012 when the technique was being introduced in East Africa by its pioneer - Tony Rinaudo. Since then, LEAD decided to adopt FMNR as its core intervention and has been implementing large scale landscape restoration projects using it. Today, LEAD is among the leading organizations that promote and scale-up FMNR and other semi-arid applicable interventions such as rainwater harvesting (half-moon bunds) among farmers and pastoralists in Africa.