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By: Martin L. Price
Published: 1981-12-19

Victor Wynne has run his Haiti Seed Store for many years and experimented with improved ways of getting food from the mountains. He has kindly provided us with a description of the terracing system he has selected after years of experimentation. He says he will never make another level terrace unless he can start at the top of the mountain! In making terraces, useable topsoil is thrown onto ridges 20 feet apart with a 20% grade. Fruit trees (e.g. peaches) are grown on top of the ridges and vegetables (e.g. strawberries) are planted on the lower side of each ridge. To further control the flow of water, sumps are excavated out of the loose rock every 30 feet. The rocky material excavated from these sumps is used as a protective dike along the upper exposed side of the ridge and for steps for workmen on the slopes of the ridge. Write if you would like a copy of his more detailed description.

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Price, M.L. 1981. New Method For Terracing. ECHO Development Notes no. 1