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Jaboticaba is native to Brazil to the hillside regions around Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. 9

The names jaboticaba, jabbuticaba, and yabuticaba are often used to describe four similar species of Myrciaria. 1

The jaboticaba ranks as one of the most desirable species for dooryard planting, surpassing citrus in many respects. It is a sensational landscape spedimen, with peeling bark (Fig. 29) and a dense crown of lacy foliage. The fruit deserves equal praise. Aficionados consider the flavor to be the finest of any berry-type fruit. The tree bears profusely and repeatedly. The jaboticaba is highly recommended for planting in south florida and protected areas of central Florida. 6

Its habit of producing the fruit directly upon the trunk and larger limbs, together with the unusual beauty of its symmetrical and umbrageous head of pale green foliage, makes this a peculiarly striking tree. 12