March 21, 2017 07:00 - March 23, 2017 19:00
Calvary ministries (CAPRO) Conference auditorium, Nigeria
Presented By: ECHO West Africa & CAPRO
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March 17, 2017 23:59

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Phone: +234 8107900990/ 8184145405

After the great success of the last ECHO forum in Ibadan/Nigeria, ECHO WEST AFRICA has decided to continue its aim of empowering all actors in the agricultural area (development actors, agricultural actors, farmers, peasants…) with knowledge and appropriate technologies in the city of Jos. The ultimate goal of ECHO is to help people fighting against hunger, poverty and those serving the poor in Africa trough agriculture and appropriate technologies and also to strengthen networking among the different actors.

This forum will be articulated around plenary sessions in the morning, followed by workshops in the afternoon. Here are some of the important and interesting topics that will be discussed during this time of learning:  Useful Plants in Africa: The case of Artemisia and Moringa,  Value Chain, Farming God’s way, Agribusiness Development, The Basics of Biogas for small Holders farming, Evangelism through social Engagement, Post-Harvest Preservation of grains, Pesticides applications and Challenges…

 The discussion groups will be led by regional agriculture officials and experts including yourself if you would like to share anything during the forum.

Check-in: March 20th, 2017
Training: March 21st - March 23rd
Post-Forum Tour: March 24th