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Session: The presentation will highlight the successes, challenges, and best practices to mobilize community buy-in in the adoption of FMNR and rainwater harvesting.

Speaker: Njamasi Chiwanga works as the Director of Programs at LEAD Foundation - a local NGO based in Dodoma, Central Tanzania. Njamasi has been working with LEAD Foundation since it was established in 2011 and he played a big role in its establishment. Njamasi received the FMNR training back in 2012 when the technique was being introduced in East Africa by its pioneer - Tony Rinaudo. Since then, LEAD decided to adopt FMNR as its core intervention and has been implementing large-scale landscape restoration projects using it. Today, LEAD is among the leading organizations that promote and scale up FMNR and other semi-arid applicable interventions such as rainwater harvesting (half-moon bunds) among farmers and pastoralists in Africa.