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Presented By: Richard Hatfield

Event: 2nd ECHO East Africa Pastoralist Symposium (2016-03-03)

Session: This talk presents policies which may give hope for pastoralism. It bases upon a holistic approach to rangeland management and decision-making, using examples from work in Samburu, Marsabit and Laikipia counties of Kenya and the experience of Northern Rangelands Trust. It shares the major technical components and approaches used, and it demonstrates changes in attitude, governance, livestock and forage management resulting in enhanced community unity, purpose and results.

Biographical information: Richard Hatfield was born in Kenya and has been practicing in the NRM sector for some 20 years. His particular interest is in integrating social, ecological and economic dimensions into practical, meaningful and lasting outcomes. Pioneering the Holistic Management approach in the East Africa context, he heads a training outfit called Natural Capital East Africa, and is a Certified Educator in the Holistic Management approach.