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Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI) started in the mid 1940’s when synthetic pesticides came into the market in East Africa and worldwide. Over the years, TPRI worked under colonial government, East Africa Common Services Organization (EACSO), East Africa Community (EAC) and currently the Tanzania Government through Parliament Act No. 18 of 1979. The Institute conducts research in tropical pests affecting plants, livestock and human health.

Initial work of the Institute concentrated on control of mosquito’s flies and tsetse. Later the activities expanded to cover research on weeds, plant diseases, and snail intermediate hosts for schistosomiasis, bird pests, cattle ticks, rodent pests, pesticides toxicology and environmental pollution.

Research, Training and Services on Management of Pests,Pesticides and Biodiversity for food security, promotion of human health and facilitation of Internal and External Trade for Sustainable Development.