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The Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) project provides a low-cost, simple, and effective technology for low-resource farmers to help them preserve their dry crops after harvest with minimal losses due to storage insects. PICS technology involves triple bagging of the grain in plastic bags. These bags are a great option for farmers who see major losses in their crops each year due to insect pests. The bags are low- cost, eliminate insecticide use, and enable farmers to store their grain after harvest, which allows them to sell their crops at peak times, instead of being forced to sell grain when the price is at the low point of the year. PICS technology also ensures farmers will have a supply of clean grain for consumption or sale for many months after harvest.

Our mission is to change lives through fighting hunger and stimulating economies. With the research and implementation of PICS triple bags we can minimize losses to crop storage insects. Through teamwork and collaboration with international partners and farmers, we hope to continue improving the PICS triple bag technology and sharing it with farming families across the globe for many years to come.