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Roland Bunch's incredible catalog of smallholder farmer green manure cover crop systems is now available as an eBook! $4.99
During the last 35 years, green manure/cover crops (gm/ccs) have become recognized as an important agricultural technology. Millions of farmers use traditional gm/cc systems, and millions more now use systems developed and introduced during the last three decades. Faced with so many promising possibilities, even well-informed agronomists find it difficult to choose the best gm/cc system for a given situation. This happens in part because, unfortunately, many different factors must be considered in selecting the gm/cc systems. These factors include everything from local food habits, current market conditions, the dominant cropping systems, and the major weeds, to local economic needs, environmental conditions, and farmer preferences. Furthermore, the best gm/cc systems almost always include not just one, but several species of gm/cc.

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