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Presented By: Solomon Onyango

Event: ECHO East Africa Symposium II on Best Practices In Pastoralist Areas (2016-03-01)

The main theme for this is to highlight good animal production and reproduction systems that are greatly dependent on good animal welfare practices. It is also to inform that for trade in livestock production in the international markets are concerned to meet international animal standards. Lastly, animals are our God given precious heritage, thus the need to care for them. In Genesis Adam was given the command to care for the entire physical creation thus its good for all humanity to take lead in ensuring that animals are cared for well. This presentation is to highlight also how we can measure the welfare status of an animal which can help in improving livestock production and by extension better livelihoods for the communities that depend on livestock. 

Solomon Onyango holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine, a Certificate in Training of Trainers and currently is the Veterinary Coordinator for the Donkey Sanctuary Kenya. He has work experience of 12 years in donkey health and welfare improvement programs and training of various stakeholders in donkey welfare and health issues.