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The editable source documents (.docx and .pub) of these materials are available in many other languages from the CFGB database.  The source documents are updated periodically so check here for the most current formats.  We encourage you to adapt the source for your purposes.

This guidebook is designed to help facilitate a Lead Farmers’ (LF) training in preparation and orientation for their work. It focuses on preparing individual LFs with strategies and methods when faced with socio-cultural challenges and obstacles that may come from their families, neighbors, community leaders, extension agents, NGOs, or even between themselves. It is very important to make sure that LFs believe in and support the ground rules/norms/ethics that will guide their work and decision making. For this reason, the training outlined in this guidebook is very participatory and flexible.

Initial training should take place after LFs have been selected by the community. Refresher trainings should follow each year. The facilitator should not give solutions for their challenges, but rather guide the LFs to come up with their own solutions. This is done by using skirts, stories, proverbs, and testimonies to spark discussion till they come to a consensus that suits their context. The aim is for them come up with their own solutions on what should be done when faced with challenges.