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Most of us are doing Community Development work whereby we want to see life-change to the people we serve and we also want to see the sustainability of our work...but the challenge is the approach and the attitudes we use towards Communities which at the end hinder success to our Community Development work. By the end of the Presentation Participants will have thought about what is a Community, what do we see in the Community? [Is it true or false?], identified things they are proud of in their community, analyzed some key issues in how their community has sustained itself over the years and evaluate a group in their community so as to identify what has made it succeed or have problems or failure.

Presenter : Joshua Ramatlali is the Manager of the Residents Program of the Growing Nations Trust in Lesotho. He has a Diploma in Christian Leadership and Word Ministry and received training at Project Gate Way in Pietermaritzburg South Africa where he obtained a Certificate in Community Care Project and Transformational Development. He is responsible for the monthly Radio Programs and training farmers, government officers, churches and NGO’s on Transformational Development, Leadership and Conservation Agriculture.