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International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, April, 2016

Abstract- Bottling biogas, a renewable energy using anaerobic digestion of organic waste, enhances rural economy by decentralizing biogas utilization. New opportunities emerge in rural area not just lowering their living cost via self-producible fuel. Bottled raw biogas can be marketable as a fuel or for upgrading the biogas. This lower cost bottling system costs less than five thousand Sri Lankan rupees (Rs 5000) and can be used with minimum technical knowledge especially about safety precautions. The bottled upgraded biogas can be used for various applications including electricity generation, fueling vehicles and heating. The side product - slurry is a good fertilizer, can be marketable too. The biogas bottling system motivates villagers to utilize their waste to produce biogas and enables new income opportunities while experiencing hygienic lifestyle through better organic waste management. Index Terms- Biogas, anaerobic digestion, economy, catalyst and sustainable energy