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shrub or small tree to 5 m, occasionally up to 15 m, with a rounded crown.  Branches quadrate with rounded angles, i.e. with very pronounced nodes, the tips covered with minute brown hairs.  Leaves ovate to oblong, narrowing at both ends and concave approaching the apex, 26 × 14 cm; hairless or pubescent along the venation; petioles 1‒5 cm long.  Inflorescence a compact terminal panicle 5‒15 cm long. Flowers have small triangular bracts to 3 mm; calyx 10‒12 mm long with segments 10 × 5 mm and rounded at the apex.  Corolla red and hairless near the axis, and yellowish with short silky hairs furthest from the axis, 3‒4 cm long.  Fruits contain 35‒40 seeds each. 4 million seeds per kg.