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Srivastava, Shobhit & Kumar, Sunil & Sharma, Kapil. (2016). BOTTLING OF BIOGAS-A RENEWABLE APPROACH. 1. 

Abstract : Energy is essential for human development. Energy is the key input for socioeconomic development of any nation. The fast industrialization and rapid urbanization besides mechanized farming have generated a high demand of energy in all forms i.e. thermal, mechanical and electrical. To meet this ever-increasing demand, fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas have been overexploited in an unsustainable manner. The overexploitations of fossil fuels have been posing serious environmental problems such as global warming and climate change. While we have shortage of energy and more dependent on imports in case of petroleum, we are fortunate enough to be blessed with plenty of natural sources of energy such as solar, wind, biomass and hydro. These sources are environmentally benign and non-depleting in nature as well as are available in most parts of the country throughout the year.Biomass resources such as cattle dung, agriculture wastes and other organic wastes have been one of the main energy sources for the mankind since the dawn of civilization. There is a vast scope to convert these energy sources into biogas. Biogas production is a clean low carbon technology for efficient management and conversion of organic wastes into clean renewable biogas and organic manure/fertilizer. It has the potential for leveraging sustainable livelihood development as well as tackling local and global land, air and water pollution. Biogas obtained by anaerobic digestion of cattle dung and other loose and leafy organic matters/ biomass wastes can be used as an energy source for various applications namely, cooking, heating, space cooling/ refrigeration, electricity generation and gaseous fuel for vehicular application.The Central Sector Scheme on National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP), which mainly caters to setting up of family type biogas plants, has been under implementation. In this program many biogas plants are implemented on small level. These plants are generally used to generate electricity or in cooking with direct supply.