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When we first conceived urban agriculture as a potential theme, we were aware of some known initiatives across country both in urban and peri urban areas. However, it was heartening to see the wonderful response – individual efforts; efforts galvanised by State support; social media enthusiasm in scaling up citizen’s participation.

Urban agriculture started worldwide in response to a crisis – for example in geographies like Cuba, where every possible space was converted into food productive areas to deal with shortages. In some cities from developed economies it was conscious effort to recognising green spaces. In developing countries embarking on rapid urbanisation as a development approach, the result was spiralling concrete jungles and urban slums. However, few local Governments conscious of green lung spaces pursued suitable landscaping within cities. Similarly, some interventions were designed and implemented – to support rural livelihoods while arresting distress migration to unsustainable and choking cities.

The impetus came from eco conscious citizens movements to pursue growing and eating healthy. The concepts like food miles, healthy organic vegetables appealed to all which gave birth to pursuing hobbies like roof top gardening. etc and optimising use of limited spaces. An attempt has been made in this issue to show case a few examples.