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Session : Bibiana looks back and reflects on the changes that Community Health Evangelism (CHE) has brought to the lives of their friends and co-workers in Haiti. Bibiana will take us for a virtual visit to the communities of Mombin Crochu and Bois de Laurence, enter the home of Aniesse in Lagwamit, hear their stories and see with our own eyes what worked, what did not, and what needs to be improved, adapted or left behind in community development from the bottom up. You will get to see local volunteers running the 1000 days program for pregnant women and children under 2 years old and listen to the birth attendants trained in the past 4 years. We hope to encourage you to believe that change is possible and

Presenter : Bibiana MacLeod went to Haiti from Argentina as a Missionary doctor, but it took four years for her to realize that people were still getting sick in their communities, and she needed a different approach. Bibiana learned Community
Health Evangelism from Medical Ambassadors International. After working with them as coordinators in South America and the Caribbean her husband and her are now Technical Advisors in Disaster preparedness, Orality, and 1000 days program. She says she is still learning, in experience and academics. She is due to graduate in August 2020, with a Master in Humanitarian Disaster Leadership from Wheaton College.