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The objective of the MRLG project is to achieve improved tenure security for smallholder farmers through the implementation of improved policies and practices. The key area of focus for the project is the Recognition of Customary Tenure.

Approach to Implementation

MRLG Phase 2 will focus on policy and practice influence and change at regional, national and sub-national levels.

In practical terms policy influencing will focus on changing laws and implementing decrees and regulations while practice influencing will focus on ensuring the effective implementation of policy at the most appropriate level; national, provincial or local.

MRLG activities will be implemented by way of a series of sub-projects. The sub-projects will generally focus on the area of interest referred to above, ie. the recognition of customary tenure.

The sub projects will either be implemented by groups of reform actors (alliances) working towards an agreed goal or objective, or alternatively by way of direct support to Government partners where proposed activities show clear alignment with MRLG’s goal and objective.

State of Land in the Mekong Region