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Session: Cover crops play a key role in sustainable agriculture by providing sustainable sources of nutrients as well as protective soil cover to minimize erosion and reduce moisture stresses. Examples of successful cover cropping systems in East Africa will be illustrated as well as constraints and principles for implementing cover crops in other farming systems.

Biographical Information: Charles Bonaventure (called "Bonny”) is a Technical Advisor for ECHO East Africa. Bonny worked with the Tanzanian government since 1986 before joining World Vision Tanzania in 2004 as an Agriculture Trainer. For eight years, he served with World Vision Tanzania in various capacities as Team Leader of a Food Security Project, Policy Review Officer, and Program Coordinator. Prior to joining ECHO, he worked with Global Service Corps as M&E Officer. He holds two bachelor degrees in Horticulture (Tanzania) and Rural Development (The Netherlands). Bonny joins ECHO with a passion for agricultural development and practices that will reduce hunger, improve livelihoods, and increase community resilience.