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Presented By: Jane Overstreet, PhD and Harold Overstreet

Event: ECHO International Agriculture Conference (2022-11-16)

Session : The speaker will provide more information about the DAI certificate and degree programs. Topics discussed in this sesion include: 

  • Leadership Matters 
  • What is the key to effective sustainable change? 
  • Who DAI Works With 
  • DAI at Work, Equipping Leaders

Presenter : Jane Overstreet is the President / CEO of Development Associates International (DAI) a non-profit organization providing training and consulting in leadership and organizational management to more than 100,000 Christian leaders in 82 countries annually.  Jane is a lawyer who has also provided legal consulting for numerous other Christian organizations.  She serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations and was an adjunct professor at Eastern University.  Mrs. Overstreet has been married for 42 years to Harold, who also worked with DAI before he retired. They have three children and eight grandchildren.